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Why Choose House and Apartment Renovation of New York and NJ

It’s easy for a construction company to claim that they are the best or their prices are the lowest, but more often than not that’s all just talk. At House and Apartment Renovation of New York, we’re not about puffing our chests or patting ourselves on the back — we’re about showing you real value with real quality work.

We believe that the construction industry needs to evolve, and we want to lead the charge. From our creative practices like employing specialists in unorthodox fields, to our innovative ideas and technologies, everything we do centers around creating a better home renovation product and experience.

New Technology Offerings: 3D Design Visualizations

Why Choose House and Apartment Renovation of New YorkWe are always looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and design. In that light, we are excited to announce we now have a full-service design shop offering in-depth 3D visualizations of your space. These cutting-edge visualizations not only speed up the process of completing projects, they can help us identify and avoid any potential hurdles or unnecessary expenses.

As our client, you will be able to utilize these high-tech 3D models for a huge variety of purposes such as marketing, redesigns, or simply to get a clearer picture of the space we are building so you can rest easy knowing you are in the very best hands.

Just a few of the benefits of these complex 3D models include:

  • The ability to see functional layouts and maximize useful space;
  • Better clarity when picking of the finish materials according to the proposed design and budget;
  • A more detailed preparation of the conceptual design of the space;
  • Enhanced preparation of the construction drawings;

Using the same 3D technology, we can even offer a full virtual walkthrough of your space before a single screw has been driven.

Your Time Matters to Us

The old way of communicating on a construction job? You contact a contractor who calls an architect who hires an engineer who outsources the designs to a developer who circles back to the contractor… you get the picture.

One of the things we hate the most about our competitors is watching them waste clients’ time, money, and patience. That is why we have built our team to feature cross-functional specialists like architects, designers and developers, allowing us to streamline the process by keeping everything in house. Our experts are always looking for ways to drive efficiencies in the work we do, while maintaining our incredibly high standards throughout.

We’re also happy to work in concert with any third party contractor, and keep you in the loop as we go. Our teams will make themselves available to you not only in our office, but anywhere that is convenient for you — even on weekends and off hours.

Quality is Everything

We assign a dedicated Project Manager (PM) to every project who has just one goal: to assure excellence at every stage of your project. Your PM will handle all the complex communications needed to keep your project on track, and keep you informed at every turn.  

One of the primary responsibilities of the PM is quality control. While other companies may check their work only when inspections are due, we run extensive quality checks throughout every New York and New Jersey construction job. While that may seem like overkill, preforming these checks as well as the architect’s and client’s final inspection, often eliminates the punch list and shortens the projects final delivery time.

Your PM will also provide you with weekly reports supported by high quality pictures, keeping you up-to-date even if you can’t visit the site. When your project is complete, we’ll walk through the space with you to answer questions and you’ll receive an Owner’s Manual outlining the project specs and giving you critical information like warranty details and special equipment operation instructions.

Work Backed by Top-Tier Insurance Protection

While we stand behind every job we do and never anticipate needing insurance, unforeseen occurrences such as natural disasters or acts of god do occur. To ensure your total safety and prevent you from any risk at all of legal liability for any unlikely event, we are covered by extremely reputable and reliable insurance provider.

You Pay Only After You Love Our Work

Don’t get sucked in to the age-old construction “deposit” system where a company takes a hefty down payment and then takes their sweet time finishing your job. At House and Apartment Renovation of New York, you pay us only after some work is complete and up to the standards you set at the beginning of our contract.

We even offer an exclusive 1-year warranty with an option to extend for up to 6 years on every job we do.

We’re Fully Licensed and EPA Certified

House and Apartment Renovation is a fully licensed contracting company in the states of New York and New Jersey. We also care deeply about promoting green practices whenever possible, and are EPA lead-safe certified.

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Jersey City: (201) 335-0992
Hoboken: (201) 345-5733
Brooklyn: (718) 971-2402
Manhattan: (212) 299-7548